About me



I have been painting for more than twenty years, with techniques I have learned from the great teachers of the Guatemalan art scene. However, what shapes me as an artist is the inner drive to speak of God's word through color and shape. What He reveals in His word moves me to create art that will bless others.
Color has a voice, it is hidden in the heart of God and is part of His creating process, taking its place and shape in all that He speaks and makes.  It´s a reflection of His light, so finding out what it says when I look at creation is an unspeakable joy.  

I learned that art itself carries the emotion and the spirit of the artist.  It goes into the homes of those who acquire it, and whatever the artist intended, it will spread unknowingly in that place.  I think that was the turning point for me. I am now motivated by the joy of spreading the love of the Creator in places I never imagined, by being in touch with Him while I myself create.  
I hope to develop my art even more and to be able to expand God´s whisper in more places to come!